Kokudan Kanser Teşhisi Yapılabilir Mi?

Kokudan Kanser Teşhisi Yapılabilir Mi? VI. International Congress of Molecular Medicine'da sunuyoruz.

Kokudan kanser teşhisinin nasıl yapıldığını VI. International Congress of Molecular Medicine 'de anlatıyoruz. Biyomedikal ve sağlık alanında projeler üretmeye devam ediyoruz. Bu projelerimizi dünyada saygı gören kongre ve dergilerde yayınlıyoruz. 

Bildirimizin özeti ve kongre programı aşağıdadır:


"Our body consist of more than one hundred trillion cells. Cancer is the abnormal cell division in an uncontrolled manner. Mostly, cancer starts with one or a small group of cells. Unlike the belief that body cannot protect itself against the cancer, our immune system is capable of identify self and non-self materials such as cancer. However, it is not always possible to keep up with high division rate of cancerous cells. For that reason, there are some researches about identifying the cancer before it spreads out with the help of sensors. One of the studies focused on an electronic nose which is intended to detect cancer using the mechanism of recognizing odors and flavors. Still, describing an odor and finding the similarities is a difficult process. The purpose of this study is to explain how to detect cancers with sensors by analyzing of odors via molecular level."

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